Friday, September 30, 2011

2010 BMW Z4

2010 BMW Z4The new Bmw roadster has plenty of match a manual Bmw M3 coupe.

The key to this BMW Z4 is the engine twin-turbo six, which uses one turbocharger each for three cylinders, to deliver peak torque from just 1500 revs and overboost of 500 Newton-metres under high-load conditions. Peak power comes at 5900 revs, relatively low against M cars with redlines around 8000.
The double-clutch gearbox of  BMW Z4 is the best choice for this car, although it still has the adaptive suspension is set lower with the ability for more firmness and grip. The driver assist systems are also switchable to ensure maximum securiy of the new 2010 BMW Z4 .

The 2010 BMW Z4 is slightly bigger and slightly more rounded, with more cabin space .
It still has a folding hardtop that works quickly and easily, with a cabin that has the right stuff in the right places.
2010 BMW Z4 shows more poise and balance, It copes easily with the extra power and torque, and never feels to be stretched beyond its limits.

It is an extremely fast car The gearbox is terrific, although the engine will drop below ideal boost in tight corners as second is a bit too tall. It recovers boost quickly....

Engine: twin-turbo inline six
: 250kW/5900 revs
: 240Nm/1500-4500 revs, 500Nm overboost
: Seven-speed twin-clutch manumatic, rear-wheel drive.
: 0-100km/h, 4.8s
: 9L/100km.
: 210g/km CO2
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