Friday, October 21, 2011

Exotic Sports Cars

Exotic Sports Cars

What is it that really defines an exotic car? This is a word that is thrown about by a lot of people and used in describing things as varied as food and even exotic beauty. The naming of a car as an exotic sports car takes a little more consideration.

The sleek and aerodynamic looks of true exotic sports cars are much more than just appearance. The slick look of these beauties also contributes to their speed as they cut through the air with very little resistance or friction. The true high performance exotic sports car is as fast as it looks.

With true exotic sports cars the design is crucial to giving the vehicle that designation and is a must for the serious car enthusiast. The car makers are well aware of this fact and the makers of the high end vehicles pay particular attention to creating standout designs that draw attention and gather crowds of onlookers wherever they are parked.

Car makers such as Ferrari actually outsource the design of their vehicles such as the way that they had Pininfarina design the ’02 ENZO. Another newer model that comes to mind which draws crowds is the new Lotus Elise. We saw one outside of a local restaurant last week and everyone who saw it walked over and stared at it.

While design is what makes the exotic stand out from the mere mortal vehicle it is sheer performance that is what the high end auto enthusiast seeks. The speed and handling while maintaining high speeds and hugging tight curves are the factors that truly set them apart. Think about it, the first thing that comes to mind is how fast the car is, how fast is goes from zero to sixty. Beauty really must be more than skin deep when it comes to a true high performance automobile like the 1994 Dauer 962 LeMans which currently holds the record for fastest sports car with a zero to sixty time of 2.6 seconds.

True exotics are limited production automobiles and in many cases there is a waiting list for them. This is another thing that increases the appeal, the fact that you don’t see one at every stop light, except maybe in South Beach.

Even people who don’t consider themselves to be car enthusiasts can easily name some of the more notable makers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Lotus. Personally, I like the new Lotus Elise since it is a vehicle that is somewhat more affordable at under 50k. If you get a chance to see one up close or you are lucky enough to be able to drive one you will see what I mean. I thought that at 6’3" and 240 pounds I wouldn’t be able to get in one but they are deceptively roomy.

Friday, September 30, 2011

2010 BMW Z4

2010 BMW Z4The new Bmw roadster has plenty of match a manual Bmw M3 coupe.

The key to this BMW Z4 is the engine twin-turbo six, which uses one turbocharger each for three cylinders, to deliver peak torque from just 1500 revs and overboost of 500 Newton-metres under high-load conditions. Peak power comes at 5900 revs, relatively low against M cars with redlines around 8000.
The double-clutch gearbox of  BMW Z4 is the best choice for this car, although it still has the adaptive suspension is set lower with the ability for more firmness and grip. The driver assist systems are also switchable to ensure maximum securiy of the new 2010 BMW Z4 .

The 2010 BMW Z4 is slightly bigger and slightly more rounded, with more cabin space .
It still has a folding hardtop that works quickly and easily, with a cabin that has the right stuff in the right places.
2010 BMW Z4 shows more poise and balance, It copes easily with the extra power and torque, and never feels to be stretched beyond its limits.

It is an extremely fast car The gearbox is terrific, although the engine will drop below ideal boost in tight corners as second is a bit too tall. It recovers boost quickly....

Engine: twin-turbo inline six
: 250kW/5900 revs
: 240Nm/1500-4500 revs, 500Nm overboost
: Seven-speed twin-clutch manumatic, rear-wheel drive.
: 0-100km/h, 4.8s
: 9L/100km.
: 210g/km CO2

Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Detect a Speed Trap

It seems with all of the crime around these days police officers would have better use for their time. However, we have to remember that speeding is still a crime and there are still areas where a speeding ticket is a big deal. One way we can prevent a speeding ticket from falling on us is to learn how to detect a speed trap.
So, what is a speed trap anyway? Well, any area that is a frequent hang out for police and where speeding tickets are generously handed out. Many of these areas have certain common characteristics that can give you a warning of an impending speed trap and a possible speeding ticket.

Small towns, for instance, are often areas where speeding tickets are handed out freely. When a town has one main road it is inevitably where the police officers are going to be. In addition, the low crime rates in these towns may leave police officers with little else to worry about. So, in these cases, a speeding ticket is often a bid deal and a way to pass the time. You may also encounter the occasional small town cop that has his mind made up about big city folk.

In addition to small towns, an area that has a successive number of either raising speed limit signs or falling speed limits signs has the potential to be a speed trap. Often times drivers may miss a sign or they may take longer to slow down than or be faster to speed up than what the signs permit. This is the type of speed trap that really gets under people’s skin.
Just as changes in the speed limit can denote upcoming speed traps, changes in the road may also signal an upcoming speed trap. Areas with sharp turns are often dangerous enough to actually warrant a speed trap, since speeders and innocent people may be in danger. Hills can also be a sign of upcoming speed traps because police cars may not be seen until you come right up on one.

One of the best ways to detect speed traps, or any police radar detection, is a radar or lidar detector. These are great at detecting speed traps where police officers have their radar guns on continuously. This is because radar detectors have time to detect the radar well in advance. However, when a police officer is not waiting for speeders and does not turn on his radar gun until he spots you, this is when a radar detector can fail.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Balancing Speed With Safety In Sports Car Racing

car racing
Whether it be racing on the streets or racing on the track you should always know how to speed the right way while in a sports car which means driving fast safely. Even though you may know how to race already here are a few things you can do to better your time on the track.

If you are a rookie do not rev it all up at the start because you are probably just going to spin the tires off the line trying to get into 2nd gear. For a more advanced racer you should rev the motor where you like its RPM range at then when the signals come or the arms drop you let the clutch out and throttle it out of the pocket.

On straight- a ways you should be near top speed and should already know how to handle the car at these types of speeds. Starters should always use both hands when trying to reach a top speed or trying to top out a car.

A more advanced racer should know how to accelerate on the throttle and slow down on it around corners. Pulling more on the throttle will throw the car more towards the wall where as slowing down before a turn will allow you to get inside of the turn and maybe take the lead or win. You should only steer when turning. Not saying you shouldn’t have your hands on the wheel just try not to turn the vehicle as that will decrease speed.

There is more than 1 way to turning a corner. Gradual turns will put you to the outside of the track where as pulling inside will shoot you out faster. Starters should get used to this first when running on the track.

If you are trying for a tight turn you might be trying to drift the corner a little bit which could spin you out or put you ahead if you do it right. This kind of cornering is for the more advanced type of racer as it requires you to brake while keeping your foot on the throttle at the same time. Come to the corner slow then pull out of it as fast as you can without spinning the tires and that will get you out ahead of everyone.

Be focused and take note each race how you lost or how you won and how you are going to win next time or how you are going to focus on winning. This is how you become the racer on the track that you want to be.

You should be able to keep your cool at high speeds and not be scared if you get scared then this isn’t the sport or race for you. So you might want to get out of the race before you crash the car and have a really bad day.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Battle Between Porsche And Ferrari

The two European automakers, Porsche of Germany and Ferrari of Italy, have a lot of similarities even though the two compete with each other head to head for a niche market of the automotive industry. Both companies have a patriarchal founder, companies honed their skills in racing, are over five decades old, and both have a commitment to the integrity of their styling. If you question whether the two are the dominant force in performance autos just take a street survey and you will find that even a novice who knows nothing about cars knows these names.

For the purposes of this comparison we have chosen to feature the iconoclastic 911 Carrera from Porsche and the gorgeous Ferrari F430 because the two are representative of their respective company�s long standing tradition of marrying style and performance while offering some practicality but in the end are true sports cars though and through.

Both of these cars have the basic requirements of the modern sports car which are the ability to be started easily, handles well in town, takes winding country roads well and has race car performance coupled with safety.

When comparing standing start times the Ferrari is a slight bit faster edging out the Porsche by .8 seconds with a four second time in the zero to 100km/h test which is needless to say lightning fast. With speeds like these it is also imperative that the two speedsters be able to stop equally efficiently and the two do so offering optional cutting edge ceramic braking systems.

Porsche definitely wins in the fuel economy comparison getting nearly twice the mileage that the F430 gets. Both cars transfer the power of their engines through state of the art six speed transmissions.

The interiors of both vehicles offer a great deal of comfort that belies the small space and doesn�t leave the driver feeling cramped or closed in. The overall appearance in style goes to the Porsche hands down though as masters of high quality finish work.

When having to decide between the two, assuming you have the money to do so, the biggest difference is appearance with the Ferrari having the head turning looks but overall we have to give the fight to Porsche as the more well rounded of the two and the one that is less costly to maintain. It was fun to compare them however and maybe you should make a comparison of your own.

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